Dr Frugoli - Medical fraud

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Dr Frugoli, caughlin crossing dentistry in reno nv is being investigated for insurance fraud. The surgeon general, united states, has asked the federal bureau of investigation to investigate allegations of medical insurance fraud.

The attorney general office of nevada is investigating dr frugoli for medical insurance fraud.

There are complaints with Nevada dental examiner offices in reno, las vegas and carson city nevada.

dr frugoli abused and exploited an elderly, vunerable patient. dr. frugoli took excessive and unneccesary dental x-rays to run insurance charges.

dr frugoli's dental treatment plan for elderly, vulnerable patient called for ripping out ten good teeth and bridgework and other unnecessary dental work amounting to $54.000.00!



I hate to say this but were are your facts regarding this dentist as i can not find one thing about this so called case and yes i do live here as we do not use him we like dds muff,

so if you have some really facts that would help your complaint about him as we all know that the medical board here sucks and dose not punish doctors who shouldn't be one furthermore all doctors know this and that's why they come here.

as most people know this who have lived here most of there life all so know if they are ill there family takes them down to UC Davis or to San francisco and far as Arizona do to the fact the neurologist here suck cause they do not know how diagnose hard cases of multiple sclerosis or the treatment of cancer,

as it comes down to facts and who's pockets are being filled with money so they do not get sued for malpractice a long with them knowing lawyers and judges so all i am saying is you need to have something to prove your case by providing facts so with that we will wate and see.

Dr frugoli dentist reno nv

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dr frugoli is being investigated for fraud, false claims, theft, by the FBI and nevada's attorney general.

dr frugoli has negatives with nevada dental examiners in reno, carson city, las vegas, nevada

fraud complaints and false claims are for are periodontal root planing and scaling work not done teeth cleaning work not done but charged

dr frugoli has conspired with hygenists to defraud and steal for dental work not needed such as multiple extractions, sinus lifts, bridgework, periodontal root planing and scaling and teeth cleaning, bone grafting.

Dr. frugoli dental office, caughlin crossing dentistry, is located in reno nevada.

Dr. frugoli also does cosmetic work.

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